Monday, July 13, 2009

I love Baking.

Fist you find a recipe you want to try
I decided to try a new Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Then you follow the recipe,
preheat the oven

you get all your ingredients together.

Start measuring the powders into one bowl

Mix them together

soften the butter

add all the wet ingredients together

Mix them together

Add the dry to the wet and blend

For this I need to mix the topping

Layer them in your cooking pan
and bake for the recipe time stated

And I was an idiot and forgot to spray the pan first
so I stuck to the sides like CRAZY!


I just bought these shoes,
and I want them to be my wedding
I have to get the "ok" from my
groom first...

Grey with a silver ribbon around and bow!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm blogging from my phone right now, i'm only alowed 160 charaters tho, so its gonna be short... I started registering yesterday, it was fun! Go look C&B

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I sew made two!

Ok.... I made two in between the time I
post my last blog and now... so here is the
steps I took haha...

First, you lay the pattern out on the fabric

Second, you cut them out

Then you pin the ones that go together...

You sew them together...

Iron out all the seams...

Sew some more... sorry I skipped a few
got tired of having to stop and take pictures
I just wanted to get them done...

And here are the final results!

Sew many dresses for So many weddings.

Ok... so I have a lot of weddings to go
to this summerish... first in
August, next September, Then
October, and another in November
(another two, but I will be on my honeymoon)

So, I decided I'm going to make the same
dress (some fine differences) in different
fabrics... and I'm sure nobody will know
the difference...
Other than the people who read my blog
ahaha which isn't that many...

So, I will be cutting and sewing today...
and I will update with my process...